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The garage door moves up and down in a track, guided by the garage door wheels. The wheels allow the door to move freely. Most modern garage doors consist of four or five sections that extend across the entire width of the opening, and are connected with pivots. Each pivot bracket has a mount for a wheel that rides in a guide track on each side of the door, which combines to raise and lower the door along the guide tracks. You have two choices with the wheels 'Lubricating Garage Door Wheels' and 'Replacing Garage Door Wheels'.

The metal can corrode and rust. In addition they can seize up. Garage Door Services 247 perform a best job here and should be well within your grasp to accomplish. We notice the wheels slide which is covered and attached to the door because many a time there might raises two spots which create trouble.

  • The wheel
  • The sleeve

A typical door will usually have ten wheels on garage door. The chances are good that sooner or later this portion of your garage door will need some attention. The steps we follow for replacing the wheel mounts on the top and the bottom of the door differ from the pivots in the center.


Replacing a Top Wheel

Close the garage door with the electric door opener, if so equipped. Pull on the door release handle, and click the garage door remote's button to raise the opener's carriage. Disconnect the opener's electrical cord from the outlet once the carriage stops moving.

Loosen the bolt, slide the retainer bracket with the wheel attached from the mount. Angle the wheel axle inward to release the wheel from the door channel.  Insert a new wheel into the bracket, before rotating the axle toward the door and aligning the bracket with the bolt on the mount then tighten the nut to secure the wheel and bracket to the mount.


Replacing a Pivot and Wheel

To replace the pivot wheel what our professionals adopt is to close the garage door then release the electric opener's carriage and raise the carriage. Disconnect the opener's cord from the outlet. Remove the nuts from the bolts above and below the pivot on the door using a socket set. Pull the pivot away from the door, angling the axle of the wheel so that the wheel is released from the track. Insert a new wheel into the new pivot's wheel mount. Place the front edge of the wheel into the track, then rotate the pivot and wheel toward the door


Replacing a Bottom Wheel

To replace the bottom wheel we perform a C-clamp into the track opposite the side of the door where the wheel have trouble and tighten the C-clamp into the track. Locate the intersection of the straight, vertical track and the 90-degree elbow section of the track just beneath the damaged wheel. Bend the curved lip of the straight track section just beneath the intersection with a pair of slip-joint pliers.  Place a screwdriver between the bent edge of the channel and the wheel. Slip the old wheel out of the axle mount. Slide a new wheel into the mount. Press the door back into position adjacent to the track.