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Sliding Glass Door Repair


Sliding Glass Door Repair service is Best service in your Miami that offers you Sliding Glass Door Repair & installation, repairing, replacing and selling. Our reputation of providing a high level of service has kept us in garage door services business top of the best service and allowed us to succeed through word of mouth, lots of referrals, reviews on Internet. With our goal of providing top-order service from friendly and helpful employees, we promise to deliver exceptional service for your home.

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Damaged sliding glass doors should be repaired as quickly as possible by our Best service providers to ensure the safety of your home. Learn when you should repair your sliding glass door or when a replacement is necessary.

Regardless if you have broken glass or rollers that are misaligned with their tracks, here’s how a professional will repair your sliding glass doors:

When and why do you consider Sliding Glass Door Repair in Miami

1. Before any repair or replacement steps are taken, protective gear will be put on to avoid injury.

2. Over time, dirt, exposure to the elements and hard use can turn sliding doors into sticking doors. To solve this issue, the track should be cleaned with soap and warm water. If the door doesn’t slide smoothly, the rollers should be examined.

3. After all debris is cleared from underneath the sliding glass doors, the trim—also known as the mull—will be pulled away from around the glass. This step is important in the extraction of the door.

4. Once the trim is removed, an expert will carefully extract the glass door from its frame, lying it gently on the floor.

5. If you need a replacement, measurements will be taken to calculate the size of the glass you need. If a repair is necessary, a specialist will clear away any broken glass and inject a resin into the glass panel.

6. Lastly, the glass doors will be installed and the trim will be pushed back into place.