Is your door glass broken? Do not worry! Window Repair of Leesburg is ready to assist you. Whether you have a dull-looking door glass or a shattered one, our professionals can replace it with a shiny new glass in no time. Although we repair the glass in your door, we don't fix the door mechanism. However, if you have a storm door with a little window, we’ll fix it for you.

A beautiful glass will accentuate the beauty of your property. Glass for single panes is obtained from stock glass sheet that is precisely altered to suit your needs. However, you'll need to place a special order for double-pane glass.


Complete services for other glass products

Do you have a broken mirror? Get instant help from our skilled professionals to replace it for you. We can customize the glass to suit your requirements.


Dependable door glass repair services

  • Single pane glass
  • Insulated and double pane units
  • Rollers or wheels on sliding glass door
  • Locks on sliding glass
  • Handles on sliding glass
  • Door rolling repair
  • Track repair for sliding glass doors


Reliable other glass repair services

Many companies in the area only work on glass repairs. With us, you'll get glass, screen, and mechanism repairs under one roof. You don't need to rely on anyone else because we stand behind our work to ensure that the job is done right the first time.

Whether you have a small glass door repair or a big one, your needs are fully covered. If you're searching for quality, affordable and reliable glass door repair services in Leesburg, FL, look no further than us.